Thursday, October 02, 2008

As promised here is more DecembeRadio at NewSpring last Sunday.

All the photos here were taken by my friend and team partner Wayne Richardson

I don't think too many people realized there was going to be special music this week. Here is a typical Sunday crowd.

This one was shot from the balcony

Here is a shot of the production crew and the band, Can you spot me? Hint: it's very early in the morning.

See I really was there on Camera

Wayne shot this one standing right beside me on the camera platform. I had pretty much the same view all four services.
Isn't this a cool shot? We use two large screens in all our services

Another shot of the band and the production crew early Sunday morning just before run through.

and finally


~K~ said...

The lighting at the concert looks awesome!! Not as good as Newsboys though. xD Have you ever been to a Newsboys concert?

Charles said...

Remember this was NOT a concert, it was actually our regular worship services with DecembeRadio playing.

Yes I have seen the Newsboys. I like them pretty good.

One of my all time favorite Artist Mylon LeFevre (Broken Heart) is Peter Furler's father-in-law.

Jungle Mom said...

I know nothing of these groups, but the pictures are very kewl!

Jane-Jane said...

we are sooooo blessed at NewSpring! :)

were you standing in the lighting booth for the balcony shot? looks like Jon C's view point.

the shot of Wayne's you almost got us! we were setting towards the back, center.

Was a pretty GREAT service!!!! again, we are so very blessed at NS.

Charles said...

All the shots were from Wayne. I was busy ( the most busy I've ever been ) running camera all four services. Yes I am pretty sure he was next to Jon's booth.

In the first service however he was on the rear camera platform next to me for the shots.

I think he was upstairs for the 2nd service. On the sides for the third and roaming about in the 4th.

The shots I posted were about 10% of the 1st of several batches he sent me.

I'll look at all of them more carefully and see if you guys are in any. But the lighting is low so I doubt much detail will show

God truly blesses a church that puts him first. When or if NS ever stops that.... I will be gone. I am thankful I found an on fire church. Can you believe our 2nd tailgate baptism ?

See ya there I hope.