Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another catch-up post :

On Friday dad had another appointment with his regular neurologist. The doctor was happy with the progress of dads recovery. Dad just started on solid food and is regaining his strength daily. Dr Pitt stated he would like to transfer dad to an aggressive rehab center soon. With his continuing improvements and as the brain swelling reduces this may happen shortly.

Great news.

A visit to dads doctors takes me about eight hours including travel time. So that about filled the day.

On Saturday after the rain ended and things dried out I began the task of cutting and cleaning-up the damage area from the tree in my yard. This was a much bigger job than I expected and I was exhausted by nightfall.

On Sunday we had a special event at my church. NewSpring hosted the Christian musical group DecembeRadio who played all four services in Anderson and were broadcast to our Greenville location. I was part of the production team for that special event and worked all four services. The entire day required about a 15 hour commitment. But I loved it and would not have missed it for anything. I'll post my tells and photos of the day later.

Monday was spent recovering from Friday, Saturday and Sunday, along with catching up on my much neglected job. Thankfully I make a great boss, but I am underpaid. ( I'm self employed ) After Kristie got home I resumed the tree clean-up. Operating a chain saw while home alone is not something I wanted to do so I only had an hour or two of light.

Today I drove to my mothers house to help with a few odd jobs around the house and to help her at the insurance and medicare offices. It is beginning to look like dad will be fully recovered and home before the paperwork mountain is climbed. Forms after forms still to be completed.

Tonight I have another aviation safety class to attend in Greenville. I am using a record amount of gas just at a time when there are supply issues all around me. I passed several stations today that were closed because of the fuel shortage.

BTW I am still working on the tree clean-up. Maybe I'll get it cleaned up before the first snow <>

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Jungle Mom said...

Busy times! The thought of gas shortages in the US is hard for me to comprehend.