Monday, October 06, 2008

The photo of Sherlock Holmes in my previous post is actually the incredible Jeremy Brett who stared as the famous detective in the BBC Granada series back in the 90's. For most people he IS the definitive Sherlock Holmes. They made forty-one episodes and all are amazing. I bought the entire series on DVD and watch them over and over. Since they tend to stick very close to the original story lines I sometimes keep my Conan Doyle volumes open and follow along. And I never watch one with out my Encyclopedia of Sherlockiana handy.

Actually here is a shot of the real Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in the sitting room at 221b Baker street, London.

Bet you did not know he looked so much like me

Kristie and I visited there a couple years ago .. Yes the actual address is 221b Baker Street London.

Taco Girl you rock


Tacogirl said...

Wow! I see the you think you're related to him? :D
Thank you. I have to agree...I do rock. :D

Jungle Mom said...

How fun! that sounds like a great series to own on dvd.