Sunday, October 05, 2008

My beautiful bride is away this weekend on a visit with her brother's family at the far end of North Carolina. So I am home alone. But don't fear I have the ever growing "honey do list" to keep me company. But the truth is I will likely ignore it for the most part. I mean I am home alone and the stereo is blasting , movies are playing ... you know?

After some tree clean-up. ( yeah I finished ) I headed off to NewSpring for our Annual Baptism Tailgate. It's amazing to see hundreds publicly acknowledge Jesus reigns in their lives. Thanks to my buds for keeping me company with such great eats.

On the way back home I stopped off downtown at the Annual Greek Fest.
Singing dancing, arts, crafts and foods. But it was not the same without Kris.

Last night I fixed me a massively large frosty glass of my Sweetie's famous Southern Sweet Ice Tea. Then I settled in for several hours with the worlds Greatest detective .

Sherlock Holmes

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Tacogirl said...

That's what Sherlock Holmes looks like? Really? How interesting...