Monday, October 27, 2008

I wonder where he works now.

July 21st was not a good day for William. He is a mechanic with Atlantic SouthEast Airlines (the Delta Connection) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His normal day is checking, repairing and testing Jet engines on the $21 Million dollar Canadair Regional Jetliners operated by ASA.

What started as a routine day turned into a big expensive mess for poor Bill. They were simply washing the compressor section of an engine on a 70 seat jet. You only do this job when the engine is running at idle. Suddenly the engine spooled up to nearly full power and the plane jumped the chocks designed only to prevent it from rolling when parked. Tearing across the ramp it collided into two parked 50 seat jets. All three aircraft sustained serious damage and may have to be scrapped entirely. Luckily none of the mechanics working around the area were injured. But a lot of money was lost in just a few seconds.

I wonder if unlucky William is now flipping burgers at the local drive in.

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