Friday, February 01, 2008

We went to a play at the college last night. Boy am I ever disappointed. I thought Hamlet was about a little pig.
Kidding ...

The Playhouse at A.U. did their production of Shakespeare's Hamlet. The Belk Theater was packed. The cast and crew did marvelous job on a task the director himself admits made him nervous. Most everyone can quote a few lines and you're thinking everyone has done this one. Right? Well honestly since we are not all that removed from the type events in this tragedy. Wars, assassinations, political intrigue, and people who strive to build a public image, yet don't even know who they are. It is worth doing here, if only to remind us.

Brad Brinkley did a superb job in the lead role, as did the cast as a whole. Even the sword fighting was realistic during the final act.

I had a good time and enjoyed the evening despite the downpour we had to suffer getting there. I can't wait the next event.

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