Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blue-Eyed People Have One Common Ancestor
This headline jumped out at me this morning from my stack of news stories

Blue-Eyed People Have One Common Ancestor

DUH !!!!!

Ever hear of Adam and Eve ?

I have a copy of an amazing book. A historical document of mankind. It's a true account of our creation and history. And a totally accurate guide of times to come. My copy was first published in 1611. Authorized by none other than James the First of England. A translation from Greek texts as well as from the Hebrew.There have been a lot of newer translations in the past 397 years. Several I've read and enjoy. I also use many as references. In fact I'd like to recommend the version I use on my computer. It contains many translations, commentaries, dictionaries, maps, concordances and more. It's a powerful tool and you can have it for free. get it free

My purpose here is not to start a debate over the various translations, but to tell you about a powerful guide for life.

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Jungle Mom said...

Hilarious! a common ancestor, huh???? Who woulda thunk it!