Friday, February 08, 2008

I've been reading about the life of Jesus. It's a pretty amazing story.

Jesus is not about big business, show business, or even his own business.

He is about the Fathers business and NOTHING else.

With all the power Jesus had he could have called a lot of attention to himself.

But that wasn’t his style

Jesus came to earth with a simple plan. Not His plan, but the Fathers plan.

He honored the one who sent him, the one with more authority. His father.

You see, the son can do nothing by himself. He can only do what he sees his Father doing.

Because whatever the Father does the son does.

John 5:19

Jesus put aside his own ideas, his on will his dreams, and followed the will of the Father.

He was willing to die for it.

That’s something we should take very seriously

Jesus came to this world to pay the price for us. He modeled the behavior the creator wanted for us.

No one said it would be easy.

All things of real, lasting value take hard work and some sacrifice.

But when you believe it and truly live it, then you shall be free.

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