Monday, February 11, 2008

Since I don’t blog as much on weekends.

Here is my "Weekend Update".

Our weekends always seem to fill with activities. This time of year it’s basketball.

Ashley had a game at the “Y” late this morning. We got there early and watched the really little kids play. Right after the 4 year olds finished the Monk arrived with her entourage. Grand parents, Great Grandparents, Mom, Dad, and little brother Blake who recently turned 6 months. Counting Kris and I she had about half the stands full. The kids are fun and yes they won.

We hurried off to A.U. for the next games and got inside with seconds to spare. Janet, and Kevo came down after her tennis match, and they actually beat us there. Thankfully we left their names at the ticket office.

Kevin and men’s team member number 22, Jonathan Mattox were on the Oconee High team a couple years ago. It's fun to see him play. Tonight we saw another example of the small world we live in. The assistant coach of the St Andrews lady’s team had been their assistant coach at Oconee. Janet and Kevo had seen him just the night before. He was visiting ( recruiting maybe? ) as the team Kevin now helps coach won their championship game.

The A.U. guys are earning a nickname in the local press. They were dubbed the Comeback Kids as they once again pulled off an amazing rally from 19 points behind with seven minutes

to go. And won by 14 points, 84 to 70. Go A.U.

The Lady Trojans playing the second game rolled to an easy victory over the rebuilding Knights 78 to 51 but honestly the game was never near that close. Most of the A.U. starters only played less than half the game.

Ashley got to dance with the Trojan dancers. Several of them say she did better than they did. Blake grabbed my nose and growled most of the second half.

Prior to the games Kristie and I enjoyed grilled hamburgers. Our volunteer fire department had a sale going on plates with homemade cakes galore. But we were getting hungry.

After the game Janet and Kevin stayed a while at the house and we held a “post game “ tailgate party complete with chicken, chips and string cheese. Then we watched a movie.

I filled in on camera Sunday night at church had a great time working with old friends from the blue team.

Oh best of all. We baptized 152 people this weekend. Ain’t God great?

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