Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I was in Greenville again last night for another pilot safety seminar. This one returned us to the Greenville Tech campus. Mark Grady was the moderator. He is a pilot, instructor, former TV broadcast personality and a world class speaker. I alway enjoy and learn from his programs

Last night's topic was

The top 5 mistakes pilots make.

One of the reasons I try to attend all of these class is that statistics show pilots who attend classes and trainings regularly make up to 83% better judgement calls. And fewer mistakes. That's solely based on training. I may never be the best pilot in the world. But I am trying to be the safest.

So How safe is flying?

  • Automobiles kill around 40,000 people
  • Motorcycles around 4500
  • Bicycles 2500
  • Boating 1230
  • Planes less than 500

So why are we afraid to fly but jump in the car without using our seat belt? Or ride a motorcycle without a helmet?


Meggy said...

His name is Mark Grady... he is my boyfriends dad so i know im right haha :) you should fix this

Meggy said...

His name is Mark Grady. He is my boyfriends dad so you should probably fix this. :)