Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dad update:

For the most part dad is continuing to improve. He is standing and taking a few steps with a walker during his physical therapy. He is alert and his mind is becoming more and more clear. This is both good and bad. Because now is a dangerous time for him. Dad feels good and wants to get up by himself but is far from ready to do so unassisted. He seems to try this mostly late at night when he is half alert. The chances that he could fall doing that are great. And no, one can watch him every moment. We just have to trust God will protect him from himself right now.

I am sorry I am so behind on the blog. My sister and I are still sharing the "duty days". So I am away from the web a lot.

We do appreciate your prayers and concerns. Thank you all

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Nonohoicha said...

:) Yay for Charles' Dad!!