Saturday, September 13, 2008

On August 22nd I was talking about the rushing of Halloween by modern retailers. It’s much worse than I thought. I was in another store yesterday afternoon and they were putting out Christmas items.

Christmas Items !!!

Give me a break. It’s the first half of September. Remember when they at least waited until after Thanksgiving?

Hey why wait, why not start getting ready for the 4th of July cookouts right now...

I’ll start my shopping on December 23rd as always thanks.


¡Ludicrious! said...

and then they'll take their trees down right after christmas. not us. we put the decorations up a few weeks before christmas, and then take them down after Ukrainian christmas (i think it's january 7th)

Danny Nelson said...

What will really be scary is when they start putting out decorations ON the 4th of July. Actually, I don't think it will be a surprise, which is very sad.

Danny Nelson

Jane-Jane said...

if it weren't for the dust factor, I would leave mine up all year. My nativity stays on the mantel all year long...warning to you if you should ever visit our home (open invitation here!)

Jack's says "I am off for two more weeks and wants to go flying. I'll tell you all about it" :) welcome to my world!

Jungle Mom said...

I like the fact that down here Christmas is not so materialistic. We celebrate more on King's Day here as well, which sounds like the Ukrainian date given by Ludicrious. Kids put their shoes outside the door and the Wisemen (KINGS) fill it with goodies!