Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday was a big day for dad. It was his first return visit to the Hospital in Augusta. The head of the Neurosurgery department has taken on dad as a patient and wanted to do a follow-up to access the recovery and to do repeat scans to be certain the brain swelling and bleeding was clearing. He was very positive about both his general health and his recovery level. The scan results will show for sure but the doctor seemed to believe the brain injury was healing normally.

We were concerned how the long trip ( 2 + hours each way) would effect dad, but he seemed to do better than the rest of us. He was alert, laughing and full of funny comments. It was by far the best I've seen him. The transport company sent a driver and a nurse, as did the rehab center where dad is. Of course mom, my sister and myself were there too. With that crew dad appeared to be a rock star upon entering the hospital. It was a hoot.

Here is a short rant. I filled my car before the trip yesterday morning at over $4 a gallon. Passing by the same station last night upon return the price had dropped fifty cents a gallon. Fifty cents in eight hours. I am thrilled to see it go down for a change. And that is a huge adjustment, I just wish it had happened before I topped of my tank, I would have saved a chunk of change.

Oh well.


Danny Nelson said...

The BigMac Super Value Meal that could have been!


¡Ludicrious! said...

Oi. Over 4 dollars?

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!