Thursday, August 28, 2008

BOOM! ! Sizzle Sizzle !

I was spending the night at my mothers house and we could hear distant thunder. Most things were unplugged and we were getting ready for bed, winding down from a long day visiting my dad.

Suddenly just as I walked by the dining room table there was a LOUD bang, the lights went out and something hit me on the leg. I could smell smoke, just a whiff, of that acrid smoke like when electrical things are burning. I heard stuff falling and what sounded like glass breaking. It all happened in half a heartbeat. We had been struck by lightning.

After checking on mom ( she was fine ) and finding a flashlight I surveyed the damage as best I could. Wall hangings had fallen and all the recessed lighting had the covers knocked loose. The phones were out too. But the most serious was when I saw the wall switches were smoked and the plate covering them was gone. Well most of it was anyway. It had blown it apart and pieces had flown 10 feet across the room. Part of that is what hit me. Further survey yielded several more with similar damage. I cut the breakers to the effected areas and since it was after 10 we went to bed.

The power came back on after several hours and the next morning I did a closer inspection. The hit destroyed at least six switches. The phone was still out, and the answering machine was totally fried. Most interestingly the electrical plug for the deep freeze down stairs was blown out of it's socket completely. Yet it was otherwise undamaged. Outside a gutter down spout was knocked down, but I suspect the heavy downpour did that. I begin the repairs today.

Thankfully neither of us was hurt and the damage was minor. We dodged a bullet. But when it happened I assure you, our heart rates soared.


Nonohoicha said...

Oo! Sounds like you had fun! :D

Jungle Mom said...

Wow! Scary.
Both my father and MIL are doing much better. I trust your dad is as well.

Danny said...

Man, you've been through a lot lately. I know you're busy.

Let me know when you want a break and we'll catch a movie some Monday or Tuesday - but only as long as it's stress free and only because you want to.

Charles said...

Thanks Danny I will do just that asap