Saturday, September 06, 2008

Shades of Willy Wonka.

I read where a flight attendant with Air France won a trip into space.

She bought the Kit Kat candy bar and after glancing at the contest details tossed it into the trash. After a couple hours she got to thinking why not try her luck. Digging the wrapper out of her trashcan she indeed found the winning code inside.

Nestle candy in France has confirmed she truly won a flight in the four-seat, tiny aircraft built by Rocketplane, a company that builds aircraft intended to provide cheap flights into space.
She will receive four days of astronaut training in Oklahoma City in the United States before boarding the Rocketplane XP aircraft which will reach an altitude of 100 km (60 miles) and allow a five-minute experience of weightlessness.
I could go for that myself


¡Ludicrious! said...

That sounds scarry! But fun! Bein' weightless.

Jungle Mom said...

kewl! We used to take the Cessna up and then drop and the kids would float!