Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it.... ?

What about if a tree falls in your yard and you don't see it?

About 4pm this afternoon I heard a cracking sound. Kinda like a string of firecrackers in the distance. I looked out and and our Bradford Pear tree had split and the half facing the house fell.

It missed the house and caused no other damage. But it left a big hole in the side we see. Oh well

Eighteen years it survived hurricane winds and southern thunderstorms. But today it only took a gust of 17 knots out of the northeast. Guess I'll need the chainsaw.

Fire wood for !!


Jane-Jane said...

I hate loosing trees, they take so long to grow.

I would have Jack tell you of his trip, if I could keep him in the state! We are out of town at this time. He says it was uneventful.

Kopatopie said...

I'm sorry about your tree. Do you have a service planned, or...?

Charles said...

It's not all gone, just one side.

No services planned, but I will take help cleaning up the mess.