Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here is Rant that I am sure will cause controversy.

First let me start by saying I think all people deserve equal access to public places. Those with disabilities should be able to come and go, work, shop, travel and visit every place others can. I am NOT opposed to the mandated solutions imposed to aid that freedom.

But can't we use common sense?

This morning I visited a small business here in my town. A store. Outside the building there were fourteen parking places. Six were reserved for handicapped persons. That's 43% of the parking spots. None were in use and the remaining eight were filled. I had no where on the site to park. I could use the exercise but honestly, 43% of the places were reserved and unused. I doubt that 43 out of every hundred drivers has a handicapped parking permit.

Where is the common sense?

Later I stopped at the Post Office. Gone was the table everyone used for years to sort their mail and to fill out forms. It had been replaced by a unit more friendly to wheel chairs. That's fine except that the writing surface is now between my knees and my waist. I had to stoop to use it at all. Is it too much to ask for a split level surface?

Where is the common sense?

Finally I drove to the bank. At the remote drive-in teller station the instructions on the left side of the car were in English, Spanish and Braille. How can blind ( sorry ..sight impaired ) persons drive in the first place? Am I crazy ? Seems to me you should be able to see in order to drive.

Where is the common sense?

I am in favor of using all the tools to aid, two members of my family have mobility issues and these type things are a true blessing, but have we gone overboard?


Danny Nelson said...

We don't live in a culture that values common sense. Just look at how our government is planning to fix our financial crisis: they are going to buy $700,000,000,000.00 worth of WORTHLESS receivables to provide solvent funds to institutions that have a track record of being fiscally irresponsible to begin with.

I wonder what the ratio of handicap spaces is in the Congressional parking lot.


Kopatopie said...

I missed this post somehow! It amused me!! xD