Friday, September 05, 2008

A few years ago at a dirt car track the grounds crew forgot to wet down the track. As you would expect, after the start the cars raised a considerable and growing dust cloud. The going was getting tough with the drivers just barely able to see anything.

Turns out the race leader was an old hand at racing and he picked out a few land marks to help guide him into the turns. On the main straight he used the end of the grandstands, for turn two he spotted a light pole. Racing down the back straight he again used the grandstands as his marker.
But turn four was a problem. After a few times around he noticed an odd red car parked next to the track. His troubles were over the problem of when to turn solved.

Or so he thought. The experienced driver was running his fastest lap of the race when all of a sudden ..THUMP...CRASH

When the dust settled he found himself sitting in the parking lot with two other smashed race cars behind him, all having failed to make the turn.

The former race leader asked the other drivers, " I know why I am here, the odd red car moved. But what about you two guys"

The both looked at him a shrugged, " Well you seemed to know where you were going, so we just followed you."

The moral to this is : Always do your best. You never know who is following, watching every thing you do.

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