Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I have complained here before about the lack of quality, pleasant restaurants in this area. Most places have the party atmosphere, including loud music and worse televisions blaring.

WHY? — do they put televisions in restaurants? I am really not interested in one of the now days insane programs while I enjoy my steak. Am I the only person who enjoys the company and conversations of his dining companions?


It’s not good for the digestion.

Recently on of my favorite places Ruby Tuesday remodeled their interiors for a more sophisticated ambiance, the TVs (all except one at the bar) disappeared.

YES!! Now I can have a relaxed, pleasant dinner — complete with face-to-face, human conversation.

Imagine that.

Now don’t get me started again on cell phones during dinner.

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~K~ said...

(Phika/Nonohoicha/Ludicrous on Mom's user)
Oi! TV's are annoying!! There are two widescreen TV's at the McDonalds here! ARGH!
I don't want a cellphone.
I think that's rare in a teenage girl.