Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Well August 2008 will be remembered. It has been nothing if not busy and frustrating.

We started the month with not one but two of our cars in the shop. At the same time. That really started mid July. We haven't had all the cars home at the same time for about two months now. All together they add up to maybe half a clunker. It's time for change so .... A shoppin' we will go.

August 2nd was Dads accident. That has altered everything in our world. In the middle of that Kristie had some testing done at the hospital, but thankfully things there are looking good. Kristie's mom had surgery done to remove a tumor. It was not cancerous. Still she needed someone around to help out there. She has recovered well ahead of the schedule and is doing fantastic. Another prayer answered.

All in all we are some of the most blessed people in the world. We are tired and stressed, but that'll heal. God has been using the good times as well as the bad time for his work in and around us.

That has been so amazing to see.

Hey I get to go flying tomorrow. If I remember how. Well my partner will be with me.


Jungle Mom said...

Quite the month. Praying for you both as you go through this trying time.

Charles said...

Thanks, Yes it has been interesting. But I am seeing Gods work in this and that has truly rocked my world.