Monday, September 08, 2008

If you live in my area maybe you saw the double rainbow Friday evening. Kristie and I had just picked up the car from the shop and we stopped in a WalMart. Outside in the parking lot we saw two complete rainbows, carving colorful twin arches across the late evening sky. People all over the shopping center were stopping to look. It was a beautiful and inspiring sight. Best of all when we finished our shopping and came back out the sun had gone down and a light rain was falling. We need rain so badly. I am thankful for that unexpected blessing.

Lord when I look at the Rainbow it reminds me of your
promise to all of your creatures some of whom are of
different features

Lord when I look at your Rainbow and see how it's colors
are bright, it reminds me to do what is right
Your Rainbow I have never seen at night, this reminds me
to stay in the light

Lord when I look at your Rainbow it reminds me of your grief
because of our unbelief
Your Rainbow have no pot of gold, but your wonderful story
of love it has told

Lord when I Look at your Rainbow it reminds that you
promised to never again destroy the World with a flood

Vincent G. Mead

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