Friday, March 07, 2008

The world won’t notice anything unusual but at 4:56 this afternoon I will celebrate another anniversary of my birth. The place was Orlando, Florida on an Air Force base of the same name. It was a more black and white world then, both in terms of the issues and in the movies and on television.

Late that afternoon the doctor swatted my backside in what was the first of hundreds of similar bottom warming acts of guidance. For those I am thankful. I was born the first child of a no nonsense family, who loved God and held strong values. I was raised that way and it rubbed off. Never doubting that I was loved and knowing God was in control.

We lived all over the place. From the sunny shores of Florida to the dry smog filled skies of California. We spent winters enduring the bone chilling winds of Minot and head high lake effect snows of New England. We warmed up in the wet steamy jungles of the tropical Pacific. Along the way we saw thousand of amazing things. The natural wonders of the world and the palaces of Kings. Everywhere to us was home. The constant fact in my life was the love of my family and our commitment to God.

As I grew up, finished school and started my own life, those facts guided me with out error. They led me to my amazing wife and made me who I am today.

We don’t have children, but we love our nieces and nephews, and enjoy the blessing of two godchildren. My hope and prayer is that those same values, learned as a child will be passed on to them.

Yeah today at 4:56 I will officially be another year older. Hopefully I am also another year wiser.

I love you Mom!! You too Dad.


Jungle Mom said...

Happy Birthday!

Charles said...

Thank you so much.