Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Vac is put away, and the broom is once again standing ready in the closet ( harder than it seems ) You know.. we have two vacuum cleaners an Oreck and a Kenmore. We have a Dirt Devil hand vacuum, a Dust Buster and a Broom Vac. Assorted brooms, mops, dusters, sprayers, a feather duster, a Swiffer, and the always trusty wisk broom and dust pan. Do any of these make the job easier?. Yes!! , Probably so, but I am still convinced house cleaning is for the weak of mind and was invented by some sadistic Taliban who hated apple pie and his mother.

Everything in the house should be painted gray with white specks so that dust doesn’t show. All floors should be gray/brown and carpet should all be Georgia red clay orange with splotches of black so stains don’t show .

Better yet the whole house should be tile…walls and all. With drains in the middle of the floor so that all you need to do is hose everything down and it’s clean.

Did I mention, I hate baseboards ?


Jungle Mom said...

Sounds a bit like an army barrack!
In Venezuela, kitchens and baths are all tile, walls and all. Sloped to a central floor drain. And we do exactly what you described!

Jane-Jane said...

Have a friend, here in Anderson County, that has three boys, when they built their house, they tiled the boys bathroom and put the drain in the floor...very helpful to them!

I too hate cleaning, but have to since I am going to have a 23 month old in my house for about 30 hours starting at 2:30 this afternoon!

Have a great weekend!

don't you hate that none of those cleaning items operate on their own!?! I want one of those robot floor sweepers when we get all our floors turned to hard wood!