Monday, March 17, 2008

Some time ago we were dining at Olive Garden with a group. A couple student workers at our table ordered Bellini Peach Iced Tea.

In case you are wondering it is good old southern style sweet tea with a little peach juice mixed in and a slice of peach as a tasty garnish

I had never had it before but I tried it and loved it. I order it every time now. Sometimes I would want to eat there just to get the Bellini tea.

I always wanted to make it at home. Using my wife's fantastic sweet tea. But we seldom have fresh peaches and I'd hate opening a can. Honestly while making it is easy. It does take an effort. And it's messy.

Recently I discovered Welch's Peach Melody. In the juice section. It's a great drink all by it's self and is cheaper than soda.

But the real reason I like it is mixing it to simulate my Bellini Peach Iced Tea.


My personal mix is 50 / 50 but you may want to experiment a little.

Try it. You'll slap your granny it's so good.

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Jungle Mom said...

I love the olive Garden tea as well. I have a secret source though! My brother in law manges one!!!!:)