Friday, March 07, 2008

Lee is a worship leader at my my church. So I get to hear him often. I work on the production team at
NewSpring and in that capacity I hear and see him (the rest of the band too) at rehearsals, in the halls and behind the scenes. I have heard Lee play in and outside of the church. He has a God given talent and always does a great job.

I’ve played in bands myself, recorded with some of the best in studios with and for years worked in a semi pro group. Like a lot of music fanatics I am a collector. In a very big way. You could say I have a vast base to judge a work of music against.

Over the past few years I have listened to songs, song pieces, and demos from Lee and even heard some completely finished pieces that were super great, but I had no idea this release was going to be this good.

Last week at rehearsal for tonight’s cd debut concert, I was stunned. What I heard was more than just a great church based worship band. I heard a band that owned a quality you would never expect unless maybe the artist was on maybe their fifth or sixth project. The songwriting and musicianship could stand up to anything anywhere. It is obvious these songs were inspired.

A Matchlight in the Dark is a worship cd, but not a typical one. This is a worship cd on steroids. In a rocking worship sort of way. To steal a phrase, "It will melt your face", and cause you to spin around, pat your feet and yes. raise your hands. One thing for sure, this ain't your little sister’s cd. It is a powerful worship experience. This cd was meant to be played loud. Even the quieter slower songs hold a strength and power. They offer a time for reflection. But don't worry it kicks right back into high gear.

Tonight’s concert was one of my favorite times to ever work camera. Not because of anything we did, but because of the total experience it provided me. Working the camera in a fast paced concert is hectic business. Yet I worshiped, and rocked right along with the couple of thousand others there.

Later after I listen to it a few thousand more times I am going to write a proper review. For now my favorite track is Majesty. We've sang that one in church already. I love hearing everyone singing that phrase, "Holy Holy, God Almighty, Majesty" over and over. Yeah Majesty is my favorite tonight, but after I hear it a few more times I may have a hard time picking. They are all extremely good.

Thanks Lee.
It was a great concert and a great cd

What a great Birthday Present you gave me

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