Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It was a long hard weekend. A rollercoaster ride filled with physical, emotional and even spiritual highs and lows. The past couple of days are what I like to describe as “slow”. Not slow as in uneventful, but slow in that my spirit was down. I would not say I was depressed. It never was that bad. Maybe I could describe it as sad or a little blue. My mood has been rather melancholy the past couple of days.

My birthday was this past Friday and I was sick pretty much all last week. On top of that I was involved in several hectic activities and frankly, though it sounds selfish, I feel like my day passed by with little fanfare. I've have several nagging injuries I am dealing with, and those have bothered me a little more lately . Then there was another little issue on Sunday that truly threw me a curve ball. Come Sunday night and Monday I was down some what. A little “slow”

Some people think Christians should be UP all the time. That’s just silly non-realistic thinking. I don’t believe it is a sin to become discouraged about the events surrounding your daily life. I do think it is wrong to dwell on them or to allow them to grow into something that injures your relationship with God. Causing you to fail to trust in God or talk to him about the issue.

The apostle Paul faced discouragement and even depression. He writes several times in Philippians about his feeling of concern, doubt, and depression. ( chpt 1: 8, 15-16, chpt 2: 19-21, 27-30 ) Again while in prison, confined to a dark cell, he wrote letters confirming that environment and restrictions both can cause depression.

However Paul found a way out of the gloom. In Philippians ( chpt 1:18) he wrote that focus is a powerful way to beat depression. Paul was focused on his desire to be like Christ, he knew he had a purpose and God had a plan for him. ( chpt 3:12-14)

And if we dwell on the negative thought we will prolong depression. ( chpt 4:8 ) It’s a matter of trust. God is in control.

Anyway while I am far from depressed, I have been melancholy. I never had doubts about my faith nor thoughts of hopelessness. I always know that I am loved, but I have had a tough couple of days. In times like this I tend to become quiet and that extended to my writing here.

Apologies for being “slow“.

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Jane-Jane said...

wish I had been keeping up with your blog...I could have used this BEFORE my birthday last week. Mine too passed with little fanfare too, and I am just tired of feeling all the aches and pains of getting older!

Praise God we do serve an awesome God that IS in control, even when we try to take the wheel.

Happy Belated Birthday!