Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I love music / concert DVD's And you know I am a music and stereo fanatic, so you can understand why I have my DVD player hooked in to my sound system. This evening when Kristie got home I was rockin' out to a concert DVD by the Canadian Progressive Band Saga. When I say rockin' out I mean earth shaking LOUD.

Usually I turn it down to a mere floor rattling level if she is home Tonight when she came in I stopped the video, but for some reason left the system on.

After dinner she and I wanted to watch an episode of Home Improvement also on DVD. Have you ever heard the theme song with big speakers ?
It is Awesome. There are some bass notes in there that caused the mail box to rattle and it is a few hundred yards outside.

YES !!

BTW doesn't that show have the best transitional graphics ever?

HuhhRRRRrrrh !!!

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