Friday, March 28, 2008

Well as long as she has her priorities in order.

A California woman (where else ..other than here I mean) lost control of her car while reaching for her cell phone during her morning commute. She careened wildly into a lake around 6 am.

But she was able to get out of the wreck and make it back to shore, clutching her formerly fresh cup of coffee. The car and the phone were lost, but she had her priorities straight. At 6 am nothing ... not even driving into a lake comes between me and my coffee.


Jane-Jane said...

Maybe she should have had the coffee BEFORE getting into the car...maybe she wouldn't have lost her car and phone to the lake!!!

Shortstuff said...

lol that is very funny...
Yeah, I'm just a random person. One of my friends had a link to your blog so I checked it out.

Jungle Mom said...

HA! That sounds like something that might happen to me.
BTW, Shortstuff is an MK friend of our family living in the Ukraine.