Monday, December 01, 2008

What is that white stuff I see falling from the sky? I don't see much yet butI am pretty sure it's not just my eyes playing tricks. Yep it is snowing here today. Just a few flakes, and that's not sticking. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.

Dad Update: Life on the roller coaster of emotions continues. This past Thursday we visited with dad for thanksgiving. He was doing pretty well and when we left to go home I was in good spirits and feeling pretty good about him. That was at 6:30. Around 10 O'clock dad became very restless and once again pulled out his feeding tube. After trying to reinsert it for about an hour with no success, and noticing dad had begun labored breathing the center called for the EMT's to transport him to the hospital. He was readmitted once again. Stabilizing dad took most of the night. As it was a holiday weekend official reports were hard to come by so I hopped back in the car and drove back down.

As of late Sunday night dad is doing fair.. His lungs seem clear and he is alert. In fact the most alert I've seen him recently. But there are two conditions of serious concern. Dad's foot has become infected at the heel. This appears to be a result of the heel rubbing and creating an open wound while elevated. Test are being done to determine how bad the infection has spread and if it has made it into the bone. The second issue are two blood clots, one in each leg. Those are near his knees and can't be treated with anti-clotting drugs because of his healing brain injury.

Obviously both issues are serious. We appreciate your prayers on his behalf once again. Also remember my mother who refuses to leave dad's side. She is not up to this task, but insists nonetheless. Pray that she'll have strength to endure here and keep a positive attitude around dad.

It's COLD outside today. I think homemade soup is the order of the evening. So I gotta run and set the pot to cooking.


Danny Nelson said...


I'm praying for your dad. That's a lot to be going through all at once.


Soul Skittles said...

I'm not dreaming of a white Christmas. Snow is so boring. :P
It's all bland and white.
And if there's no droopy, sad cloud cover nothing holds whatever warmth there is to the earth and so even tho you can see the sun it's even more freezinger.
It's a sad, sad thing.

Charles said...

Thanks Danny. It means a lot

Charles said...

Oooo Blog idea

Snow is so boring.