Monday, December 22, 2008

We held our Christmas services at NewSpring Church this weekend. And we were slammed as expected. Over 14,000 people attended. And we'll never know how many will be with us via our Internet services. Most importantly 220 people that we know of became Christ Followers.

At our main location here in Anderson, we held five identical Christmas services. Two on Saturday and three on Sunday. I was proud to be on the production team for all five. It was an exhausting two FULL days, but there is no way I can express the overwhelming joy I felt seeing so many lives changed.

In one service just behind my camera position there was a whole row of teenagers accept Christ. That's twenty four young people who had their world rocked forever. You have no idea how hard it is to remained focused on camera shots when your eyes are filled with tears of joy.

We are a large church. And we have seen some amazing works of God again this year. But believe me. Seeing things like this NEVER gets old.

I am thankful to serve in a ministry that is on fire for God. A church that nothing else matters except Jesus. and to see things happen like this


Jungle Mom said...

Merry Christmas!You will be blessed for your part, I am sure!

Charles said...

It's already happened a million times or more.

Merry Christmas

Soul Skittles said...

Woow! That's soo awesome to hear about that