Thursday, December 18, 2008

The snowball war continues....Until NOW !!!

This morning at exactly Twenty-Seven before the hour of Eleven-Fifteen, my mostly brilliant crew of Radio Shack, Circuit City, Best Buy, and or Fry Electronic dwelling far-thinking Techno-speaking pals, gathered together and launched the "Charles Sat 1" into high earth orbit.

"Charles Sat One" is a video surveillance platform ( A SPY SAT) with hunter killer abilities to seek out snow forts anywhere in the civilized world ( soon in California too ) then render them into a giant slush pile.

Here is a highly classified look at the Charles Sat and it's secret weapon.

Snowball throwing people of the world shall now tremble.


Soul Skittles said...

Right. I'm not trembling. My crew is working on it now..

Jungle Mom said...

Soul Skittles, if it were me, I would build a big mirror with lasers that could be pointed up to melt the snow balls...