Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Victory is mine..... Almost
My snow hating victim ahh Friend
has returned with a strike of equal force. But with an athletic ability equaled only by Jabba the Hutt, I was able to avoid a direct hit and emerged mostly unscathed.
It's time to now rally the troops

Let the second volley fly !!!Unleash the snowballs


Soul Skittles said...

Enuff of this nonsense!!
I will not tolerate it!
I'm gonna blog about you.
You watch.

guitargirl said...

Hello. I read Soul Skittle's blog. She was right; she did blog about you ;) She told us to throw snowballs at you...So here's a link for your trouble:
Here, have another! >:)

Kiwifruit said...

Bah Humbug! Snow STINKS! It's pretty, but it still stinks! It's too cold. If someone comes up with a warm snow, then I'll like it.
*grabs a snow-blower and buries Charles in snow ten feet deep*
~Kiwifruit the Snowhater
P.S. I came from Soul Skittles' blog. That was mean of you to throw snow at her!

Jungle Mom said...

I can not think of snow when it is 100* here. I just cant...

Charles said...

You MUST join us in our virtual snowball fight. We are TRYING to get into the winter spirit.

And having fun... < SPLAT > gotta run make more ammo