Thursday, December 04, 2008

The opponent is on the ropes. The reality of 40 hours of uninterrupted "Frosty the Snowman" video shall weaken all resistance.
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My virtual snow fort is ready notwithstanding some minor technical issues ( ineptitude ...naw )

Here was the plan

It started off well

but some kink in the instructions caused it to become this.

No matter with the next volley I suspect my very worthy opponent's own snow fort shall transform from this

to a shivering pile of wet frosty slush.

Then I will emerge as the new evil dictator of all Slushyonia ( slushy ona ya ) and rule the virtual world of .....

Ok Ok Ok !!

I will be in charge of the TV clicker. A man's right guaranteed by federal and moral law since the beginning of time ( or the last five years ... whichever is shorter )

On to victory


guitargirl said...

Oh, gosh! I didn't mean you to give you the means to throw snowballs at Soul Skittles! Now she's gonna hate me :( So why am I laughing? LOL!
Thank you for commenting on my blog. That story is funny ;)

Charles said...

Don't worry she and I are both cool with this and are having a ball. Join in the hubbub. And pitch a few yourself.

netsirK said...

I was told by Soul Skittles to come her, and I'm glad I did! I had a good laugh outta that.

*whispers* if you ever need any more ammo, I'm in Alaska. There's plenty to spare!

Soul Skittles said...

:-O Netsirk! You're joining ranks with him!?!?
*opens big freezer and scrapes ice off the sides and makes snowballs out of it *

Jungle Mom said...

Sorry! No snow here in Paraguay at all!!