Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Space Shuttle Endeavour has landed safely in California. The weather in Florida prevented a Space Center landing. Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California was the second choice

These were taken on Sunday by a friend who lives and works at the base there.
Here are a few interesting facts:
STS-126 is actually the 155th shuttle flight overall. It was the 22nd flight of Endeavour STS-126 was launched on November the 11th. This was the 31st night launchThe shuttle landed on November 30th so the mission elapsed time was 18 days, 20 hours, 30 minutes, 34 seconds.

Endeavour carried a crew of seven into orbit and returned with seven, but exchanged one crew member with the International Space Station.

Next up is STS-119 expected to launch on
February 12, 2009

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Jungle Mom said...

Those are some great shots!