Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time Stands Still !!!!!!

Tonight time will STOP.

For one second 2009 will be delayed. This year we add a "leap second" As a result, we'll have an extra second added to 2008 to let a lazy old Earth catch up to super-accurate clocks. Because the planet's irregular and gradually slowing rotation, Scientists have decreed that a "Leap Second" be inserted from time to time.

Wait a second. The "leap second" is officially at the stroke of midnight on Wednesday in Greenwich, England, the home of what is popularly known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) – Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to the more technically inclined – the standard time for the planet.

So at precisely 23:59:60 in Greenwich, England time will stand still for one second. ( Check out my time clocks at the bottom of my blog page for your area. )

Have fun and enjoy the extra long year of 2008. I hope it is a safe and fun time for everyone.

Happy New Year!

* happy Silvester to Ms Skittles, Imperial Kitty, and 'K ' ( you get to celebrate Malanka also) and a happy Réveillon to Jungle Mom and Verja, "Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva" (close as I could get to your location)


Soul Skittles said...

Poop. Scientists always make everything more difficult for everyone else, with their stupid leap years and leap seconds and daylight savings times and stuff. Hrmph. Anyways never heard of happy Silvester but Happy Silvester to you too! XD

~K~ said...

Happy New Year!

I haven't heard of Silvester (except for the one that chases Tweety), but I have heard of Malanka.

Jane-Jane said...

your blog is always so educational for me. love adding to my knowledge.

thank you for your encouragement. we DO need to maintain 'contact' and pray for other body parts.

it's just been a long year and i'm ready to get to 'the next level' in what God has planned for us. some have said/implied we were crazy to do what we are preparing for, so we haven't gone public on my blog. e-mail me again, and I'll fill you in.