Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The great snow debate of 2008 continues.

Over the early weekend it seemed my faithful opponent was on the edge of surrender. It could only be moments until victory would be mine. But with a valiant shout they were able to withstand their fortress bombardment and mount a smallish comeback. This counterstrike fell slightly short of the mark causing little real damage. But my HQ had to be evacuated briefly for cosmetic reasons.
In a situation briefing on Monday my generals and I agreed the time had come to employ more sophisticated weaponry.

The semi-automatic rapid-fire Whamo snowball launcher and most importantly the agile Sharper Image Storm crusher assault transport system.

The road to victory is through greater technology.


Soul Skittles said...

*sends heat seeking missile at Charles' fort *

~K~ said...

As my mother always said....

"Fight nice!"

Jungle Mom said...

My mom always just said,"Take it outside"