Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Nickel and Dime us to death

On my recent trips via the Airlines I have noticed a sad trend. A-La Carte services, at a price.

Almost no one serves meals anymore, even on trans continental flight of several hours. These days you are lucky if your flight serves water and crackers. And forget taking food past security.

I understand how the price of fuel has doubled in the past year and how it is up an additional 40% this summer. Apparently raising the ticket prices doesn't work too well. Because I see where several times an airline tries, but has to come back down when no others follow.

Something has to be done to off set the fuel costs I know, but this is maddening.

We are becoming victims of price gouging at 32,000 feet.

"Attention Travelers today our 'Blue Light Specials' are peanuts and Sprite for only $7.95"

In the past few weeks airlines including American and US Air announced various surcharges to cover the new high cost of fuel. Expect more fees and surcharges to be coming your way.

Every major carrier is now charging for the second piece of checked luggage. American goes it one better ( WORSE ) and charges for all your bags. Some are charging a BOOKING FEE. Excuse me !! I have to pay extra just to pay you? Window seats and aisle seating are an extra on some.

Here are some fees you might expect to be paying if fuel costs for air carriers keep rising:

Thanks to Holly for the graph

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Phika said...

It really doesn't matter to me all that much cuz I never ever eat on a plane
even the ones across the atlantic
"katie. katie. wake up. katie. do you want food?"
"i think you should have some."
"I don't want any."
"Have a roll."
"I don't want to."
"Here, have a roll."