Thursday, June 12, 2008

More local Dumb Crook News

A few months ago I posted a story about a local dumb crook.

Sadly he is not alone. Here are two of his local rivals for dumb crook of the year.


Riding a cab to the hotel where he lived on the seedier side of town a man realized he didn’t have his wallet. He asked the cabbie and his “lady friend” to wait he searched his room with no success. In frustration he called the police himself, to help him search.

The police arrived, went inside his room and found the wallet. But they also found on a table in plain sight a quantity of crack cocaine

Only in Anderson would you invite the police to help you find your money, then leave drugs on the table where they could see them.


In court Wednesday, in a completely separate case (though it sounds like they might be brothers dumb & dumber) a man was asked by the judge to describe his work history.

He told Judge Ken Mattison that he works two jobs. “One I can't mention, because it is illegal. My other one is cutting grass,” he stated
Leaning forward in interest and pondering for a moment the implication of the admission, the Judge stated, “I could write this down, but no one would believe it.” He set the bond at $1,270 and scheduled a court date, leaving police officers smiling.

The man’s original crime? Driving with a suspended license.

Yeah just tell the Judge everything. This falls into the too much info category.

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