Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My email has a spam filter. It seeks junk mail and trashes it right away. Works perfect about 99% of the time. So I seldom double check it. Which may explain why I never replied to a few things.
For some reason I checked it when I logged in this morning. WOW was I bombed last night. It caught over 100 spam postings.

I learned I can improve my life, myself, my love life, my body, my health and so on.

Here is a run down on SOME of the wonderful things that are happening JUST for me.

  • I just won a free Dell Laptop, and a Wii. Cool send them in baby blue please
  • I can magically erase my debt. Great now I can charge that Learjet and erase the bill
  • Drop twenty lbs overnight. So why isn't everyone skinny?
  • Find a spouse. I don't think my wife would like this one
  • Get a free Airline ticket on SouthWest. They don't serve an airport near me
  • I can buy meds at 1/2 price from Canada but only on line. (See next item below)
  • Detoxify myself. from all those cheap Canadian drugs
  • Have a clean Colon. Eew !!!! not going there
  • Free school, including college and a Bachelor's degree. I'm too busy with the colon thingy
  • Learn to cook like a great chief I could go for this one
  • Become a nurse, court reporter and a CPA, study to become a cop and a physiologist WOW I can save lives, do taxes, fight crime, take notes and understand the crooks all at the same time. Can't you just imagine my business card?
  • I get free coffee and apparently a free coffee maker to go with it. JAVA JAVA YES!
  • I can work as an actor Me as the new Indiana Jones ...look out Johnny Depp
  • Get a free HD TV and Dish Network I don't watch TV much now I can eh?
  • Make over $225 an hour filling out surveys. I am quitting my job. I will have to be squeezing by on this 1/2 a million $$$$ a year.

And these are just a few of the fabulous offers.

A better life delivered to your In-Box

What a country


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Phika said...

HAHa! I cant wait to see your new wii