Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Just a short rant:

I am sitting here in my home office going over some work and just outside parked across my farm driveway is a state owned asphalt truck. The D.O.T. is about to repair a small bad spot on the edge of the road just beyond my home.

I don't mind the truck being parked ( blocking ) my farm driveway. After all I am not using it. But the thing has been sitting there running since 8:07 this morning. It's 11:24 now. I own a greyhound type bus so I am not uninformed about the cost of shutting down a diesel engine and restarting it. But really. THREE HOURS sitting there burning fuel and doing nothing.

My tax dollar$ at work. And the Government has the nerve to tell me I am wasteful of resources.

Worse still another truck and a pick-up are sitting just down the road. Wanna bet they have been running all this time too?

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