Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I love flying. I finally got in a few minutes this afternoon. Just a few touch and go's. Even that is fun.
These photos are NOT from today. They were shot back around Christmas by a friend while we just cruised around. I finally loaded them on the computer tonight.
On the left here I am taking off around 5PM from Clemson. As you can see it was raining a little around Lake Hartwell These beautiful streaks of light always remind me of the glory of God

On the left here is Anderson University. The small one story building just to the left of the tower is Kristie's office. Back over the lake, I just love the reflection in this shot.

Heading home


Phika said...

Oooh pwetty pictures

Ben said...

Looks like you need some updated photos. I happen to know someone with a nice camera that's available! HA!@

Charles said...

Actually I have many newer pictures. I am just to slothful to get them loaded.

Ben, Anytime you wanna go ride... just shout.