Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We traveled to Georgia over the weekend to attend Matt and Ambers wedding. It was a nice traditional ceremony but with a few new ideas. The one I liked the most was in place of the lighting of the unity candle, Matt and Amber each poured colored sand together in a jar. Symbolizing the mixing of two lives into one. We had a nice time at the wedding and the reception that followed. Amber's Grandfather Reverend Jerry Chitwood preformed the service.

Sunday was fathers day and we spent the day visiting our families. Being at my dad's required us to attend the early service at NewSpring. Kristie and I used to always go to the early one. I don't remember it coming so early in the morning.

Ed Young Jr. was the featured speaker today, via the video link from Fellowship Church in Dallas. This was the second week of the One Prayer series where more than 1400 churches world wide of various denominations come together at the same time with the same message.
Get the gospel out and unite in prayer. We are excited about this mission effort at NewSpring, and that our pastor is one of four that will be preaching.

Dinner at Mom and Dad's was fun. We had a ham and three kinds of beans. There was a communication mix-up and every one made beans. When the bowls were placed on the table we all burst out with laughter. It was a hoot.

Kristie felt like her dad would rather eat out so we pretended to be hungry and went out to Fletcher's, a nice local place for his turn. After two big meals within 3 hours I thought I would explode.

After we ate we had to go to the funeral home. Kristie's great Aunt passed away on Saturday. She was 87 and had been very sick a long time. There is shouting in heaven right now. Eva has come home.

It was a long travel filled weekend.

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