Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yes I know Christmas passed for this year, yet here is my review of a Christmas cd.
Well first off I ran out of time to get it reviewed before the holidays, and second it is a great cd which I will not limit to the Christmas season.

Most modern Christmas music is either just alright or plain lame. But once in a while something comes along where the artist truly shines while pouring their heart and soul into the project. This cd really stands out. Jars did a three song Christmas ep "Drummer Boy" years ago, early in their careers. But this is a full blown project. Starting with the instrumental opener to the grand finale of " I heard the Bells on Christmas Day " they manage to sound fresh and unique, modern yet classic. I especially love the intro of " The Gift of St. Cecilia "
Also included is a fun take on Paul McCartney's " Wonderful Christmas Time". " Love Came Down at Christmas", and the version of " O Little Town of Bethlehem" after being given the Jars touch, proves their musical genius.

I love the song "Winterskin" and the instrumental "Evergreen" where I can actually feel the crunching snow walking in the forest.

Other surprises are "Gabriel's Message," and "Peace Is Here".

But my favorite cut is the " I heard the Bells on Christmas Day " which contains such amazing timeless lyrics as I posted here.

This is not just a Christmas cd. It is music you can enjoy all year long. So don't over look it. It is one of their best projects yet.

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