Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Today was fun. I had the rare privilege to join my amazing, beautiful bride, who is my best friend at lunch today at a fairly new spot.

da Vinci's Italian Ristorante

It was great. She had already eaten there a couple times before and we tried last Saturday night after the A.U. Basketball game. Dragging along with my sister and nephew. But the place was slammed. Packed so full we could not even get in the door. Today was busy but pleasantly so.

I had a Penne rigate pasta with four cheeses in a white Alfredo type sauce. Superb. Kristie had the tour of Italy with four menu choices. It was a nice pleasant dining experience. Kudos to the management, who had tasteful music playing, but kept the volume low enough you could actually hold a conversation while dining . You won me over.. I will be back. Btw they have gourmet Italian dessert coffees ... and cheese cakes galore.

After we ate I drove Kristie to her annual eye exam. She would not be able to drive after, and while she was there I ran a few errands around town. Then we came home, still too full to eat dinner and had a mini Gilligan's Island fest.
A great day.


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Jungle Mom said...

Sounds like a great day and a great place!