Monday, January 21, 2008

Big weekend around here. Early we had round one of the snow then company for dinner. Next round two of the snow. And tonight I am informed might be a small round three.

Kristie's mother, along with Kristie's father and grandmother came over between snows for dinner. It was my mom-in law's birthday and she pretends to love my "Squash-a-mollies" as Kristie's dad calls any Mexican cooking.

I fixed enchiladas, Spanish / Mexican rice, fajitas, chicken and cheese quesadillas, Chili Relinos and black beans. I wish I'd had time and ingredients to fix them with this way. I will next time I assure you. Roy, Kristie's dad even had a plate full. And he is basically a bean and cornbread man.

For dessert Kristie made a from scratch Key Lime - White Chocolate pie. A masterpiece for sure. And unlike store bought pies, this one was actually low fat.

At Church last night they had the outline of the two new forth coming buildings outlined with rope lights. It was awesome seeing what is coming here soon. God is blessing us beyond measure.

BTW credit for this photo must go out to Sherry from her BLOG.


Jungle Mom said...


Jane-Jane said...

and I thought you took this photo!

Charles said...

I wish I had taken it. Cause it is great. But I was working camera inside the building when it was taken.

Isn't this an amazing & exciting time for the church? We are so blessed.