Thursday, January 17, 2008

" Look Dave, It's snowing" Alvin the Chipmunk to David Seville at the end of the song "White Christmas".

It did snow last night.
Here is a shot I took just 25 minutes ago over at the airport

Ok Not really. I am kidding
This is actually a picture is from Buffalo last year.

But it did snow here.

Not too much. According to the National Weather Service at Anderson the snow started a little before 6pm last night and lasted until around 10:30 when it turned into light rain and mist. Not a real problem since the temperature hovered at 33.1 degrees for the past 10 hours. About .53 of an inch so far. The roads are wet but ice is not an issue here. And ice is the big weather thing in the upstate. Snow- no ice. We are happy people. Light rain or mist should continue more or less the rest of the day. Turning to mist and fog late tonight. But beware. It should fall below freezing around 9-10 tonight and get down into the mid twenties by sunrise tomorrow. That's when the real trouble comes. Driving could be treacherous for your Friday commute.

Be careful and remember this is your final chance to clean off the grocery store shelves. In the South just saying the word snow causes milk and bread to magically evaporate from the stores.


Jane-Jane said...

NO!!! not THIS Friday!!! We have an meeting in Greenville on Friday and Saturday that has been scheduled since the 4th of NOVEMBER!!! There are MANY families that need this meeting!

All week I have been praying "You KNOW God. You KNOW!"

Charles said...

Be careful of Black Ice Friday morning. Then on Friday night late, round two gets here. The good news is it too won't be much.