Thursday, January 10, 2008

Zzzzz , Zzzzz, sleeping like a log

Boom ! RumbleRumblerumble !!

What's That ?? Sitting straight up in bed.

It's not a plane.... Thunder ! I was awakened last night around 1 am by the sound of thunder and heavy rain. A t-storm in mid January. We need the rain.

As I drove past the lake yesterday I noticed that the depth sign is at least back in the water now. We are still very far behind, but the recent rains are a blessing.

Back to sleep smiling, because it's raining.

Kristie and her family are doing good under the circumstances. Thanks to those who called and messaged your love and support. It's never easy with the unexpected and unexplained loss of a family member. They are a close family. Kris has been staying at her Grandmothers home the past few nights.

Family and friends all gathered there last night. And one of the children, 5 years old said something I thought was wonderful.

" I love seeing all the people at this reunion"

Out of the mouths of babes !! You know that is a very accurate assessment of family pulling together in trying times.

Wait until he sees the gathering at the final reunion.

Please remember all of us your prayers as we go through this time.

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