Monday, January 28, 2008

Here it is Monday morning, a week since my last real blog post. That puts me a week behind.
Here is my catch-up post.

Monday : My dentist appointment went well. I am now all clean and shiny and promised once again to floss EVERY day. Let's see ..I posted about the A. U. Basketball games.

Tuesday : Tuesday was a great day. I hooked-up with Ted for lunch and once again we violated all reason by eating ( EATING ) at Kacey's . "Stuffed to the gills" pretty much says it all. In the evening Kris and I had absolutely nothing but time together relaxing.

Wednesday : Began with a visit to Doctor Daws to set up some of the tests for my physical. "Growing old ain't for sissies." , my favorite quote this year.

Thursday : Finally we got together with Amy and Joel for the kids Christmas. Only a month late. Seriously with the new baby and building their house ...whew, at least we see the Monk often.

Friday : Friday was a day of flying for me. I got Cafe' Ken up. His father was a pilot and Ken, from the A.U. Cafe, had not been flying since his dad died. We had a great time together and flew up to the mountain in search of snow. We found a small amount. It was glassy smooth.
After we got back Ted and I went up and flew off in the other direction. Down to Augusta to shoot some approaches and practice cross country. In all I logged 5.2 hours as PIC and/or as safety pilot.

Saturday : Basketball day. The Monk had a game at 10:30, we slept in a little, so we had to jump up and get ready quickly. Ashley scored 4 baskets. Since she'd scored two the game before, she declared it was a buy one get one free day. It is fun watching 5 and 6 year old kids play.
A.U. had games Saturday night. The girls started slowly and fell behind. But they finally warmed up just before half time and moved into the lead by two. After the half they came out and played like they should and won convincingly by 29 points. The guys had a major challenge before them. Barton is the defending National Champions of division II NCAA college basketball. They seemed to be running away with the game but about midway into the second half a fire ignited with our boys. The Trojans went on a rampage and believe it or not we came really close to winning. Our guys are making me so proud. At the buzzer it was a 7 point loss. And deliberate foul shots were most of that. Way to go guys .... J-max looked great again. He is such a disciplined player. Rock solid. He went one on one against the number one player in the country all night and the guy Never once got by him. this guy is the highest scorer in the nation and Jonathan held him to 3 points . J-Max J-Max !

Sunday : Last night was the Lord's supper service at church. I was challenged like never before. God has been so good to us. After church we stopped off at the store for some milk and a few items. Another week gone by quickly.

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