Friday, August 24, 2007

About a week and a half ago I finally got to see Bourne Ultimatum. I had plans to be there opening night, but something came up. It was worth the wait.

You really need to see all three of these movies close together in in order. They tell a continuing story.


Bourne Ultimatum starts off at night at the end of The Bourne Supremacy with Bourne still in Moscow fleeing from the police (presumably it's right after he confesses to the Russian girl that he killed her parents).. It continues the same line as before with Jason trying to find out who and / or what he is.

In some ways this is the best of the three, it's VERY action packed. The best scene from the entire trilogy comes in the form of a foot chase through Morocco, and in my humble opinion, the second best scene comes in the car chase at the end.

This time it's personal. Jason Bourne is really angry and confused by the agency that took his identity, killed his girlfriend, and keeps thinking of him as a threat. So the continue trying to assassinate him. He sets his sights on the source to find the men or man who turned him down this path.


My only real criticism of Bourne Ultimatum was too much use of hand held camera. I like that at times because it puts the viewer into the action somewhat. But in this case they used it too much, too often and too long each time. It did help with the style, but it made it very hard to follow the action, and at times just plain made me dizzy. Otherwise a fantastic flick. One I will add to the other two in my collection.

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