Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The fun never stops. I just got a call from the air conditioner shop. They finally got the new unit installed on my car, were checking everything and would you believe it. Then the new one started making a clunking grinding sound. It too was is bad. They have ordered another new one but it will not be ready today. Eight days and counting. To their credit I really don't think the shop is at fault here.

In other fun news. Our dishwasher ( the automatic one ...not me ) did not rinse the last load completely. Is it the next item we have to replace? The trouble shooting guide seem to indicate the soap is OLD and that may be the problem. We just bought it at Sams last week.

Finishing up with good news. My arm is hurting much less today. It may not actually fall off unexpectedly at Dinner tonight.

Time to make a BiLo run.

Life is good.

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